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Disturbance #125


Farmer's eyes had closed, refusing, perhaps, to see what was about to happen to Rob.
Malkaz's tongues rolled back up onto its face. The erect penises throbbed in front of it. The snake head lowered, never taking its eyes off Rob.
I couldn't care. Without Rob, I just want this over. Don't care anymore.
There were flashes. Lightning?
Not lightning. Farmer's eyes.
They opened.
The room lit up, bright yellow. Farmer strode slowly forward. His aura flared bright, detonated vivid, brilliant.
One step, pause, two...
Step three would take him out of the pentagram.
Everything kaleidoscopic, Farmer's colours explode.

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    D.M. almost 5 years ago

    Great way to use a count down here.

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