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Disturbance #122


Malkaz nosed Rob's skin like some angry beast snuffling buried truffles. Its breathing became faster, noisier, and its skin blistered and tore as it rocked itself violently from side to side, faster, faster.
It licked Rob's neck and his skin paled under the pressure of rasping tongues. Tiny bubbles of blood blossomed in their passing, bright crimson on pallid white, like glowering snowdrops.
Still Rob lay motionless, and my mind, which hadn't yet grasped this reality, tentatively opened to the truth.

Truth, its immeasurable desolations, enveloped me.
I clothed my heart in blackness and shuttered my mind to reality's tempest.

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    D.M. over 4 years ago

    "rasping tongues" and "tiny bubbles of blood" and "glowering snowdrops"
    Everything I admire about your writing craft.

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