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Disturbance #114


Farmer gripped Chay's arm, yanked us both to his side. "Stay close, I said!"
I heard his words judder over children's skulls, such was their trembling. He didn't look terrified, like Chay, but his aura, usually a flowering of bright colour, had dimmed and become quiescent. When his heart stopped, no light glimmered.
I shook my head. What the hell is happening? What's inside my head making me think these thoughts?
Malkaz laughed.
The snake head laughed too. "You try to fight me, The Rob, you try to fight me out here," it said. "But I am already inside you."

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    D.M. about 5 years ago

    Great last line!!!!!!

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    Julie almost 5 years ago

    What D.M. said!

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