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Disturbance #107


The mouth in the face gaped and in amongst the other tongues that hung, apparently lifeless, from its lips, one tongue rose up and looked around.
It wore the flesh of a snake, black and glistening with mucous. At the tip, a cobra's head carried lifeless eyes, pointed teeth and a flickering tongue.
A shrill childlike voice came out of it as it spoke.
"The Rob. It... summoned me."
Rob flung his arms over his face "No!" he screamed, "fucking go away, I
didn't, I didn't summon you!"
Farmer's hand tried to cover Rob's mouth but the words were out.

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    D.M. about 5 years ago

    'Making the voice childlike and adding "the" to Rob, is such a contrast and intensifies this unknown summoning. Powerful.

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    Drew Martyn about 5 years ago

    Thanks D.M. I'm not sure where that "the" came from, it just seemed logical to me that demons wouldn't understand names but would have picked up on the use of "Rob".

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