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Disturbance #104


The Reverend Samuel stroked my face.
"You must be good," he said and he kissed me on the forehead. "I really don't want to hurt you."
It was then he realised I wasn't looking at him.
He followed my gaze and saw Chay dangling from her silver thread.
Chay laughed at him and he disappeared.
When I awoke, I wrote this and gave it to her. She kissed me too.

For Chay

(giggles, perfumes, laughter)
has shown me
(confusion to ecstasy)
that there is nothing so beautiful
(not even perfection)
as a smile from a girl who loves you

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    D.M. about 5 years ago

    The mix of emotions adds to the terror of all of this.

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    Julie about 5 years ago

    I love how you write all the spine-tingling ones and then insert a calmer one, like this, giving the reader a moment's breather. Great drabbles, Drew - all of them!

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