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Disturbance #99


It grew out of the blackness, like hideous plant growth shown in speeded-up time-lapse.

Thin tendrils first, twitching in the air like antennae. First one, then ten, like fingers blindly feeling, reaching out. Swiftly they grew, thickened, engorged with the same blackened tar-like ooze we'd seen before and which burst through the fibrous skin, tacky, gelatinous blobs which slid down them and dripped to the floor.

The motion of the tendrils slowed as a form emerged behind it from the blackness.

Farmer reached down and picked up Rob, holding his arm, steadying him and keeping him upright.

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    D.M. about 5 years ago

    Vivid description of the plant growth. The last line is a perfect contrast, so calm,
    Farmer reaching and steadying.

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