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“Boring party, yeh?”
The kid eyed me closely. He smelled of patchouli, 25 maybe, flowing hair, beads, an early 70s hippie throwback.
I nodded: “Smalltalk and finger foods - godawful boring.”
“My Dad’s parties are always shit,” he said. “He hates to see me hanging around, hasn’t spoken to me for years.”
He was the old Major’s son then? Obviously a hell of a generation gap there.

The Major looked upset when I told him. He pulled me to one side, whispered:
“I don’t know who you thought you saw, but my son is dead. He died forty years ago today.”

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    Jonathan Royan almost 5 years ago

    Nice one drew. I can see the tree hugging hippy now! :-)

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    Jim M almost 5 years ago

    Sly Double entendre! Really like this- one of my favourites, very precise

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    Drew Martyn almost 5 years ago

    Thank you all, very kind. Thought you might pick that up Jim :)

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    Michael D. Brooks almost 5 years ago

    Another good outing with this one.

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