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Weekend #2


Throw out the workers. Reopen the shops. Take down the bunting and flags. Silence the bells and embrace the darkness.
Empty the bins. Wash down the walls. Sanitise the carpets. Collect the drugs and discard the syringes.
Sterilise the sex toys. Bleach the S&M paraphernalia, scrub the old whores. Sterilise the bondage equipment and purify the catamites. Forcefully eject the infirm, the ugly and the pederasts.
Pay off the whores, consign the prettiest to the cellar. Release any farm animals still living.
Burn the evidence, bury the corpses. Let the police out the backdoor.
Wake the parrot.
This weekend’s done.

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    Drew Martyn almost 5 years ago

    Haha glad you enjoyed yourself. :)
    It was great that you came, Dr.

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