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The Charlotte Moments #1


She looked into the mirror expecting to see the face of Evil.

She looked closer. Her own face disappeared and she saw him, saw his eyes, his smile, his beautiful tender love. And there, in the background, she saw his wife and kids. Unaware.

She couldn't, wouldn't, tear a family apart, no matter how much she wanted to: and dear God she wanted to. And if he left them of his own accord, he wouldn't be the man she loved. Catch 22: lose.

She saw betrayed, confused eyes staring back at her from the mirror. She hated herself and cried.

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    Brandon Sutton over 5 years ago

    This story is like a punch to the gut, it is so potent. Very well written!

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    Bryan Thomas over 5 years ago

    Great drabble, Drew.

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    Drew Martyn over 5 years ago

    Thanks folks, very much appreciated as always :)

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    Horrorshow over 5 years ago

    Makes you wonder how many times a day someone does look into a mirror and think similar thoughts. Excellent drabble, Drew.

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    Drew Martyn over 5 years ago

    Thanks H, yes I think this sort of thing happens sadly too often.

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