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I believe I am possessed. I am possessed by something which has yet to be, something malevolent, potent, something needing no body to be born out of.
And it waits.

It lurks unborn, undischarged: but bides its time. I am its first taste of life and it is my Immaculate Perversity.

There have been times and places that have foretold its Coming: in no particular order, disasters like Famines, like Genocides; the Holocaust.

Of course this is all a silly fiction, a flight of fantasy with no basis in reality, if you believe I alone wrote it.

If you believe.

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    Tony Spencer over 5 years ago

    I shiver, Drew, you make me believe.

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    Brandon Sutton over 5 years ago

    Very chilling. Nice work!

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    Drew Martyn over 5 years ago

    Appreciated as ever guys :)

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    Horrorshow over 5 years ago

    Seriously good drabble, very well crafted and genuinely unsettling.

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    Bryan Thomas over 5 years ago

    Creepy stuff.

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