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Genius is never appreciated in its own time, they say.
He laughed derisively, dribbling as he did so: whoever they are, they aren't geniuses. His genius was widely recognised, right here, right now. And not just in London, but worldwide too. For all his murders.

Not just the quantity - the hundreds, almost a thousand - but the quality too. Horrific. Inventive. Groundbreaking. Different. All signed with his own trademark logo, a heart drawn in blood and semen. A stylishly innovative Jack The Ripper, with added intelligence.

Yes, he was grateful his genius was recognised. Grateful, too, that his face wasn't. Anywhere.

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    Horrorshow over 5 years ago

    Delightfully loathsome! Me like. :-)

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    Drew Martyn over 5 years ago

    Haha thats very good, and it pleases me!
    I also like the phrase "delightfuly loathsome", that's what I was aiming for without being able to put it as succinctly. :)

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    Brandon Sutton over 5 years ago

    Though the killer is different in his methods, his attitude reminds me of Light (or should I say "Kira") from Death Note. I think that's why I liked it so much too!

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    Julie over 5 years ago

    Nice piece. Great ending!

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