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Warm hushing smears your ancient oceans,
Slide shimmy gaze from sea to land;
From crevice to hand,
Slow streams, quick to deluge, eager to bring an end to silent affirmation
Accepting thunder and roar and riding the volcano’s molten spasm.

Long lizard lingam longlicking longing lunges
Drains frenzy and passion into yearning slow quiet harmonies of love.
Mild moments, heads on linen, eyes within eyes
Uncertain closenesses
Vulnerable, past wounds blind and aired and in the trembling fearful waiting
- still breathe relief.

Rejudged, the heated, swelling, tongueburrowed grasping hands-
Emotion sanded feeling-
And thrown soft into your ancient hushing smears.

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    Horrorshow over 5 years ago

    Very poetic indeed! :-)

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