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I voted for the Party, and believed in their notions of "fairness".
Alan warned me before they took him for reeducation; he said eventually, anyone could become an enemy of the state, but I didn't believe him.
When they arrested me, my voting record meant nothing.
Apparently, some words I used online were recently added to a "Watchlist", and were now considered subversive; I was considered a threat to National Security.
Turns out Alan wasn't crazy, but I can't give him the satisfaction.
After all, how do you tell a dead man he got the better end of the bargain?

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    Chris Walker about 8 years ago

    Good one. "Coming soon to a country near you..." ;-)

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    Jason Mott about 8 years ago

    While the subject matter isn't overly uplifting, I'm glad this drabble managed to touch as many people as it has.
    Thank you for the kind replies.

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