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"Who's that?" she mused, observing her reflection in the mirror.

The luxurious locks of her hair, gone. Her figure, withered to skin and bones.The brilliant hue of her eyes, faded; a sign that her journey was ending.

Every treatment has failed, the doctors have given up, and she was left contemplating what remained of her future.

"You're not me," she accused the stranger looking back. "Never were, never will be."

To her surprise, her reflection began to restore itself to beauty, and radiant wings appeared on her back.

A tear of joyful relief fell, as her spirit left her body.

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    Rodindeadpan over 5 years ago

    Nice tearjerker

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    Jason Mott over 5 years ago

    Thank you, Rodin.

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    Drew Martyn over 5 years ago

    Wonderful! Sad but up[lifting too! Nice one.

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