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Our currency has collapsed, taking all forms of civility with it.
Gunshots rang out, as marauders move from house to house, stealing supplies.
We huddled, hoping that we will be passed by, as the looters ransacked our neighbors.
They kicked the door off its hinges, entered, and corralled us into a corner with threats, while collecting all of our food.
"Please, we have a baby!" I begged.
One man knocked me down, shouting, "You need food for the baby?!"
He turned, and fired a burst of rounds into my wife, and infant son.
"Now, you don't," he said, grinning.

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    Peter Muscutt almost 6 years ago

    Harsh stuff, but excellent work - I loved it!

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    Jason Mott almost 6 years ago

    Thank you, I'm glad you appreciated it. In the world as I imagined it, there wouldn't be a whole lot of 'neighborly' behavior.

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    Bryan Thomas almost 6 years ago

    Super drabble, Jason!

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    Geraldine Messin almost 6 years ago

    He's lucky to be alive! excellent writing.

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