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When dad found me clomping around the bedroom in mum’s favourite pink sandals, he cried. I took them off and later hid them in my school bag.

Dad was always saying that no one could fill mum’s shoes. I didn’t believe him.

I gave the sandals to Tanya’s mum at the school gates. To please me, she tried them on. Like Cinderella’s glass slippers, they fitted perfectly.

That was ages ago, but the sandals are still too big for me and Tanya's mum – my new mum – laughs along with dad when I clomp around the bedroom in them.

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    Lovely drabble, Julie. It conjures up so much with so few words. Love it.

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    Julie over 3 years ago

    Thank you, Neville.

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    Drew Martyn over 3 years ago

    Beautifully done, a lovely story :)

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    Julie over 3 years ago

    Thank you, Drew.

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