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She was always distant, out of his reach. Haughty and sought after.

A solitary bead of sweat trickled into his eyes, panting with effort.

It was at night she crossed his mind the most. Her hands creeping in under silky darkness; dissolving his resolve, wearing him down.

His right hand ached from the repetition. A soft gasp, a muffled grunt; betrayal of exhilaration.

Always from afar, never returned his gaze.

Ignoring the strain; smoother, faster, steadier. Nearing his goal.

I’m coming, I’m coming. His breath shuddered with pure visceral delight. A weary smile.

One more shovelful and we'll be together.

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    Alex Munro over 6 years ago

    Thanks Michelle, a little sleight of hand.

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    Frenchie over 6 years ago

    Very good :) I enjoyed it

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    Alex Munro over 6 years ago

    Thanks Frenchie and the good Dr, I'm glad I could entertain :-)

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    mdbrooks41 over 6 years ago

    Didn't see that coming. Pun intended.

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