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Green and brown whizzed hazily past, lazily present; merging amorphously, in the blur of returning.

Arrival. Disembarked. Stepped on a beetle, it crunched like cereal. No one to greet me.

Nevermind; I left here alone.

I smiled and waved at the receding taxi, winding serpentine: away.

Slowly turning, taciturn; I entered.

Later, exited.

My cheeks ruby red; eyes sparking, flickering: captivated. Nostrils stinging, emotions intense; dancing gleefully free, grey snow flutters softly around me. Fierce crackling groans thunderously; the roof consumed, an eruption of screaming pleasure hits air.

Rest in your rhetoric.

The purging of memories.

The cleaning of slates.

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    Neville Hunt almost 7 years ago

    Wonderfully written and conceived, Alex. I love the beetle/cereal crunch and the way the story turns. Lovely use of language. So much to read in it that doesn't require words because of the words and imagery you have used. Great drabble!

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    Alex Munro almost 7 years ago

    Thank you Neville! I began it all on the commute home, and just ran with it. Had fun with my wordplay.

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    Alex Munro almost 7 years ago

    Thanks Dr Abbler. The beetle was a nice little snack.

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    D.M. almost 7 years ago

    slightly thrown off by the smile and wave for the taxi if arson was the intent from the beginning... I agree with Neville about language and imagery. 'Suspect an
    interesting backstory to this one!

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    Alex Munro almost 7 years ago

    Nothing more than the feigning of pleasantries, plus a little misdirection for what was about to happen D.M. Smoke and mirrors...but mostly smoke. Glad you liked it.

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