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Eerie light illuminated the inky skies, pallid and wan.

Twin figures approached, hunched and ancient. Foetid viscous liquid lapped the shore; oozing and undulating sickeningly, an overpowering odour of rotted fish. Ahead, a warped coastline wove sinuously, symmetrically impossible. In the murky distance, a city loomed; cyclopean, monolithic, maddening.

They sat, greeting each other with a weird burbling guttural sound that could be laughter.

The brothers exchanged gifts. Glowing orbs of green and blue, white floating over.

Year on year they put them away and thanked the other. Exchanged, but never used.

Standing slowly, nodding, parting ways.

....perhaps next year

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    Jim M almost 7 years ago

    I'm sorry this took me so long to read! Beautiful and effective wordcrafting and a fantastic premise. I for one would love to read more of your Lovecraftian stuff

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    Alex Munro almost 7 years ago

    Thanks for the kind words Jim! I wasn't sure about this one as no one had commented. I thought I'd completely missed the concept that I was trying to achieve. I enjoyed the premise, the idea began as 2 mysterious old men, then became 2 Great Old Ones.

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