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They flowed nebulously into the foyer, buffeted by the rain.

Stairs stretched out ahead, beckoning. Early - they sat in silence; gaze refusing to meet, eyes slid off of each other like snowflakes hitting a radiator.

Ushered in they took their seats. The show began.

Stars stretched out in infinite grace; breath-taking and beautiful. The music swelled, mercurial and purposeful. Wonders swirled, a visceral balletic crescendo. The audience, except the couple, applauded.

Rising from their chairs; tenuous and vague, twin wisps of smoke. Conciliatory, hands clasped; momentarily tightening, then falling loose.

The space that she left could never be filled.

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    Jim M almost 7 years ago

    Pensive, dark, melancholy... I love it, really well written mate

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    Alex Munro almost 7 years ago

    Thanks Jim!

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    Alex Munro almost 7 years ago

    Much appreciated !

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    Christopher almost 7 years ago

    Excellent debut. Such exquisite imagery. Welcome to Drablr, Mr. Munro.

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    D.M. almost 7 years ago

    Yes, a belated welcome. 'Looking forward to more!

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