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"Welcome to our city tour", the pretty young woman greeted the group of travellers.
"I am Delilah, your guide on this tour. We'll encounter most of the places illustrating the history and evolution of this country, maybe even the region.

Do not fear to get lost, if separated", she showed a bright red umbrella,
"Just look out for this umbrella."

They started, visited the impressive sights of the town.

There were shops and merchants everywhere.
When Thoralf looked up, the group had moved on.

He walked on and arrived at the bazaar,

amidst a vast ocean
... of red umbrellas.

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    Iarwain Olofsson over 4 years ago

    Thanks. Yes. I came across the idea, when a friend told me about his guide, who really had shown them an umbrella of the usual make and colour, pointing it out as the "Signal Device"...

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    Alex Munro over 4 years ago

    Most unfortunate :-)

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    Neville Hunt over 4 years ago

    Love it, Iarwain... and so likely to be true!

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    Peter Henderson over 2 years ago

    You had me on that one, great work, good twist.

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