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Garrett - Occult Bounty Hunter #7


Rollins desperately started barricading the door. The monsters were coming.

“Help me, Garrett! Save me from those ghastly THINGS outside!”

“Help YOU?! You crazy son of a fucking tramp! You SERIOUSLY want me to help YOU?!”

“I’ll pay you! I’ll give you money, gold, gems, ANYTHING you want! Don’t let them EAT me!”

“Christ, I’ve got enough on my plate hauling my own ass out of this fucked up shit mess! I want a million bucks to get you out of this, Rollins you sick fucking pervert!”

“Yes! Anything!”

“Alrighty then. Here’s how this fucked up shit is going down.”

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    Horrorshow about 9 years ago

    That is certainly how I wanted him to come across! Thanks for sharing your observation, Chloe. :-)

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