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“Do you believe we can talk to the dead?” my husband asked me.
“Of course not! You know me better. People believe what they want to believe.”
“You mean when I’m gone, that’s it?” he asked holding my hand.
“I’m afraid so darling,” I said smiling. “People always claim talking to the dead. That’s the despair of losing a loved one. You know your wife is sanely practical.”
“Insanely practical, you mean.”
In the middle of our kiss, I had to answer a phone call.
“Mrs. Davis. We have a lead on the murder of your husband,” the officer said.

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    Jamie Clapperton about 3 years ago

    Twist got me! :-)

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    Mona about 3 years ago

    Very glad the drabble was able to do that... like it did last summer :)

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    Peter Henderson about 3 years ago

    Oww yikes...good twist...many thanks

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