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After breathless seconds, Tara releases Sonny. She's shoved the tough guy hard against the steps. In the open. Kind of an exposed position.

"You make me act crazy, you know that? Oughta leave you to the freakin' darkness. What you deserve."

Sonny can't dispute what he has coming, but it sounds like Tara's still riding that old supernatural horse.

"Babe, there is no dar-" He stops himself.

Only semantics. Sure, it's one word for what's out there, the temptations of a modern world with twisted values. Temptations that Sonny fell prey too once already.

He nods. "You got me."

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    D.M. over 6 years ago

    Is this an ongoing series? Tara sounds strongly independent and quest-bound.

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    frostygossamer over 6 years ago

    No, not a series. These are just a couple of clips from a fanfic series I wrote last year. Just wanted to see how they looked with my own characters plugged in before I get around to writing something new. If you're interested the series was 'Bunkered' on

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    D.M. over 6 years ago

    I'll check that out, thanks!

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