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My Nan lives happily on her own though I can’t help feeling she is lonely.

She was delighted when I gifted her with a Netflix subscription. I didn’t see her since, so yesterday, I called on her. Her suitcases were in the hallway.

‘’I'm going to Benidorm,’’ she announced proudly. ‘’I saw this documentary on Netflix. This Madge woman, you know? if it's good for her and her family, then it's good enough for me.’’

On this, she zoomed her mobility scooter into the back of a taxi, mouthed a goodbye and was gone.

Oh dear, what have I done?

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    Jeff Taylor 2 months ago

    I added my wife's step-mum to our Netflix account. I don't think that "The Crown" has ever been binge-watched so hard!

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    Frenchie 2 months ago

    Well, ''The Crown'' is a step up from ''Benidorm'' LOL... The problem with series is that they go on and on and I can never watch more than the1st two. I don't have the patience 😑

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    Brian Mackinney 2 months ago

    Must get a mobility scooter. 4 whizzed by me yesterday.

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