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Tony #14


I grabbed my phone. Dialled 999. My hands were trembling so much. How did a promising relaxing weekend descend into such a nightmare?
Gina was pounding at my door. We don't have locks in this house. I wedged a chair under the handle.
-'I'll give you the money you want, Gina. Just snap out of this. Now.'
-'You gonna pay anyway. You lied all these years, pretending to be one of us.'
-'I never lied. I'm one of us. Snap out this stupid behaviour. Wake up, for God's sake!'
Yeah, I sounded confident but my knees were all jelly wobbly.

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    Neville Hunt 2 months ago

    Exciting! (In a nail-biting way). I think your chum Gina needs a straitjacket or else she‘ll be taking her cut. She’s psychotic! Wonder what’s coming next?... I can’t wait to find out... 😰

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