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I know I am not good at relationships though I am a well balanced individual, even if I say so myself.

You know, the perfect combination of a loving person with a healthy hint of ''I'm not your servant, do it yourself,'' and a good dose of nagging (until I get my own way.)

Anyway, I had this dream featuring the crew of my Tony drabbles. Gina, my ever helpful flatmate. Tony, the perfect guy. He even repaired a blocked toilet. Yes Sir!

Not so idyllic, after all. What happened next, I'll never forgive Tony.

I really need a shrink...

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    Frenchie almost 2 years ago

    I do need a shrink. I got a few choices for developing Tony drabbles and I didn't know which one to choose. Until I dreamt about it. Of all the interesting things I could dream about, Brexit, the end of lockdown, Trump, watching the paint dry, nope, I had to dream about my own drabbles πŸ˜‚

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    Neville Hunt almost 2 years ago

    Well I don’t know about shrink, the Tony drabbles seem to be doing the reverse. It seems like a really rich vein and I’m hoping to read lots more. Everybody loves, or loves to hate an absolute bounder. Slightly worried though because my annual task on our regular family holidays with friends was to fix the toilet of the grand house on the estuary. Hope I’m not a clone of Tone!
    (But the more you dream about your drabbles, the more you might post here.😊)

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    Frenchie almost 2 years ago

    ...but wouldn't you like to drive a Ferrari? Believe me, they purr!!!
    I think I may have written a drabble about a guy I knew (in my youth πŸ˜‚) who drove a Ferrari. A real poseur but there was once quite a funny anecdote. I never saw him in the same light from that day.. let me check my old drabbles.

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