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Despicable Missy #14


Alas, with freedom came boredom. I preferred when Mama was horrible. At least, I existed.
I started to mix with what she would have called a bad crowd. You know, experimenting life, booze, smoke...
I got a job in a smokey joint not far from home. Of course, I had to pretend I was eighteen and speak with a Russian accent. At first, I only waited at the tables, dressed in a catwoman costume but soon, I was promoted to Exotic dancer. I was Ekatarina from St Petersburg. I was very popular. Amazing how many men want a Russian wife.

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    Frenchie 23 days ago

    We are slowly coming back to the Earl. Have no fear... :-D

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    Neville Hunt 23 days ago

    Well... have you seen Russian women? (Check out ‘Strictly’...) Can’t blame the guys for being.... well.... guys, can you? 😛

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    Drew Martyn 22 days ago

    I think I'm falling for Missy, she's getting a bit feisty :)

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    Frenchie 20 days ago

    Thanks Neville and Drew..
    And Feisty does rhyme (loosely) with Missy. :-D

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    Drew Martyn 19 days ago

    Yeh, just about ;) Frenchie.

    More soon, though, please - not that I'm demanding or anything ;)

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    Neville Hunt 13 days ago

    (Btw... Have just seen today's 'Drabble of the Day'... your 'Natalie' of some 5 years ago (before my Drablr time). A terrific drabble, but what a terrible real life outcome. Seeing it was true really stopped me in my tracks. Memories, even sad ones, are OK, but regrets are to be banished though.)

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    Frenchie 11 days ago

    I wanted to write the drabble Natalie as a tribute to her and to finally forgave myself for something that happened so, so long ago. I did not want her memory to fade.

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