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Despicable Missy #12


I'd never seen Mama so generous. I gave her a suspicious look but she was too busy fluttering her fake eyelashes at her admirer.
It was embarrassing to see Mama behave in such an undignified manner.
I took off my heels, what a relief, walked barefoot out of the foyer, giving the middle finger to the rather stuffy Maître de something (Mama taught me the names and ranks of people working in high class places but I was not interested).
I looked back to see Mama sat on the gentleman's lap.
I decided to save the £10 and walk home.

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    Neville Hunt 8 months ago

    Sorry to tell you this, Missy, but your Mama’s a right old slapper! (I wonder if it’s going to pass down a generation? 🤔)

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