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A Modern Tale #5


''Oh Gosh, No!'' Jenny grumbled as Rapunzel sauntered across the salon.
Jenny liked Rapunzel but today, she was tired and in a foul mood.
''Rapz, what can I do for you today?''
''Darling, something easy to manage. I'm tired of this mane.''
''That can be arranged,'' answered Jenny sweetly, an evil idea in mind.
Jenny's specialty, besides being a top hairdresser, is a sleep inducing head massage to her customers.
While Rapunzel snored gently, Jenny shaved her head, leaving a thin Mohawk on top.
''Wakey, wakey, Rapz! Look, easy to manage.''

The only response was the sound of Rapunzel fainting.

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    Neville Hunt about 1 month ago

    Haha! Love it Frenchie! Particularly love ‘Rapz’ - made me giggle 😁

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    Drew Martyn about 1 month ago

    Brilliant, really enjoyed this. Yeh, I liked Rapz too, a cool name for her new image ;)

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    Frenchie about 1 month ago

    Thanks guys! it is always my pleasure to put smiles on your faces on a Monday morning :-D

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