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First, they chose me among many. Then they took me home with great excitement. They adorned me with glitter and baubles. They lay many gifts at my feet.
Christmas! such a magical time. Merry people, mulled wine and songs. I stood tall, much admired in a corner of their living room. Children played around me with delighted shrieks.
Alas, too soon came January, bane of my kind.
On a rainy morning, they stripped me bare and threw me onto the garbage heap without a second thought.
Every year, millions of my brethren suffer the same fate all over the world.

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    Frenchie about 3 years ago

    This drabble was inspired by a discarded Christmas tree I saw lying in the street. I found it sad....

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    Jeff Taylor about 3 years ago

    Makes me feel glad that we use a plastic tree that can eventually be recycled 😉

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    Drew Martyn about 3 years ago

    It's weird how I feel sad when I see discarded Christmas trees, so I love this drabble :)

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