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I crouched by the little crying figure, soothing his big upset.
''Don't cry, ignore the bullies. You maybe small, but your heart is brave, courage isn't defined by your size but knowing you're scared and still fight. You're better than them.''
As I wiped his nose and dried away his tears, a little voice peeped:
''Are you sure, Miss?''
I ruffled his hair.
''Yes, you just have to believe it''.
Thirty years later, still headmistress, I receive a post card from an emerging millionaire. The name suddenly clicks when I read:
''Miss, I just had to believe it. Thank you''.

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    Jonathan Mills over 8 years ago

    Aw, lovely little story.

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    Michael D. Brooks over 8 years ago

    Though I'm no millionaire (far from it), I can relate.

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    Horrorshow over 8 years ago

    Always good to read something life-affirming. Nice drabble, Frenchie.

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    Frenchie over 8 years ago

    Thank you very much for liking it. I was browsing the net and saw too much of negativity. I thought, hmmm... let's do something positive, run after a dream :) ...

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