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Jane had enough. She caught her husband cheating, again!
Time to take action.
She enticed him to a rendez-vous with the promise of a hot, sticky night. To celebrate their ten year anniversary.
Before playfully tying him up to the iron bed and blindfolded him, she handed him a brandy with 10 crushed sleeping pills. He thought it tasted bitter but she said it was the aphrodisiac in it. As he nodded off, she removed his boxer shorts, and reached for a tube of industrial strength super glue.
What she did with it, I leave it to your imagination.

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    Ricky Moore over 9 years ago

    Your getting more and more twisted by the drabble... i like it! :P

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    Frenchie over 9 years ago

    I know, the dormant monster in me has finally awaken... LOL.... Glad you like it.

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    Bryan Thomas over 9 years ago

    Ooh! Painful. *crosses legs*

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    Andrew Lawston over 9 years ago


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    Kate Gowers over 9 years ago

    Makes me glad I'm female.

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    Rick Haynes over 9 years ago

    Francine, remind me never to get in your bad books!

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