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Dark Thoughts Collection


Onlookers watched from across the road. The house, totally ablaze looked like a giant night brazier.
'The Reverend was home tonight,' someone shouted.
The firemen looked at each other in horror. The fire spread so fast there was no way anyone could go into the house.
They worked hard but this fire seemed to be fuelled by the bellows of Hell. The crowd gasped in horror and fascination as strange dark shapes danced in the flames before vanishing into nothingness.

No one noticed a small silhouette slipping away in the darkness, the box of matches still clutched in her hand.

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    Frenchie almost 9 years ago

    In the Dark Thoughts Collection, there is the story of a girl who wants to be told on its own. This is the continuation of it, under a new title. I have no idea where that story is going.

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