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I never wanted to be a high flyer, the rat race is not for me. But sometimes, I felt really small seeing my friends in power suits and high heels, groomed like models, earning 6 figure salaries.
But as I wave my children goodbye, smile at my neighbour, help the old lady crossing the road, I sigh. I go in, feed the cat, tickle the dog and I realise I am right where I always wanted to be. I have the best job of all. I bring happiness in other's lives, and this, no one can do better than me.

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    Kate Gowers almost 9 years ago

    This reminds me of a song lyric (Dar Williams - The Pointless Yet Poignant Crisis of a Co-Ed) - "I'm not a leader, I'm not a left-wing rhetoric mobilizing force of one," Random, I realise!

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    Frenchie almost 9 years ago

    Thank you, I will look it up (I am afraid I am not that knowledgeable with English music, maybe except the popular ones) . Curious now :-)

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