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The question is what have I done ?
Building a model aircraft, just for fun.
Unpacked the model and laying it out.
Realised it would take some days or thereabout.
Started and made one fuselage side.
Built the other, using rubber bands put together and tied.
Next the wings, made at a slight angle vee.
Went to the box, more to build I see.
Slowly it came together, dopeing and tissue paper on top.
Finally the camouflage painting and more bits and I stop.
I decide it's a hangar queen, on a shelf in my room, just to be seen.

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    Neville Hunt about 4 years ago

    You’re flying Peter!

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    Peter Henderson about 4 years ago

    Many thanks...not the exact answer but yes I actually flew models, balsa, glow plug motors...the whole box of dice. But now I just buy balsa kits and build them and either put in my room or give them to the grand kids.

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