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The fighter plane with the merlin flew fast as was it's fame.
Then stealthily in the sunlight another fighter came.
It's Benz inverted 12 made it's threat just the same.
But the first pilot spotted the attack from the sun.
And plotted to turn the tables, not run.
Due to a tiny hole in a little brass plate.
The fighter banked left, it left the other in a state.
The pilot looked in his angled glass at last.
Till the other fighter would pass his crosshairs so fast.
A rattle of guns came came about, then a pilot parachuted out.

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    Neville Hunt about 4 years ago

    Interesting dogfight, Peter. I’m hoping it was the baddie who copped it and lost his plane. But then who’s good and who’s bad? I really like your poems. They are really fresh.

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