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A pimple is someone with a job that’s said.
His work is irritate and have a little red head.
He works alone or has friends abound.
Takes inner strength to not scratch around.
He gets a white hat that’s probably thatch then he’s ready to hatch.
Calling Mum, Wife or Girlfriend for the final bout.
It’s a ripping painful squeeze and he finally jumps out.
Then antiseptic of all types slopped on that anyone found.
That your beer mates laugh at where the mark has been drowned.
"I don’t care a stuff, clean it off ! leave it rough !".

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    Drew Martyn 9 months ago

    Haha I think that's the first poem I've ever read about a pimple. nice one :)

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    Neville Hunt 9 months ago

    This one deserves the top spot.

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    Peter Henderson 9 months ago

    Thanks everyone.

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