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It was a night so dark not even a twinkle.
Then a glow in the forest like a luminous sprinkle.
From a hole in the ground a goblin came out.
Looked around carefully then gave a shout.
Then from here and there many goblins appeared.
Green and gray ones and an old one with a beard.
Some ethereal music began, the goblins began dancing quite a pace.
They danced frantically around in a large open space.
Then a shout cried out, the goblins disappeared back in their forest redoubt.
The Goblin dance is discovered, the secret you now have uncovered.

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    Neville Hunt 9 months ago

    What a merry dance. Well crafted rhymes, Peter, for a joyous piece.

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    Peter Henderson 9 months ago

    Thanks Nevile and Rodindeadpan. All support gratefully recieved.

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    Christopher 9 months ago

    Really great, Peter. The imagery was vivid.

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