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Mavis, the database administrator for the Wildfowl Trust thought SQL was harmless. One day, she discovered, to her detriment, it wasn’t. With her boss looming over her shoulder and the pressure telling, some unfortunate typos crept in.

What her query should have said:

alter table DuckMaster add Size int

But poor Mavis had hit all S’s instead of D’s. Yet worse was still to come.

count(*) from DuckMaster where Size > 12

The response from her boss was not as forgiving as she’d hoped - “You expect me to believe you left that O out by accident? You’re fired!”

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    Kate Gowers about 7 years ago

    This must be the only SQL 100 word dirty joke on Drabble. Or possibly ever.

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    Stuart Lugg about 7 years ago

    Way over my head, I'm afraid!

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    Horrorshow almost 7 years ago

    SQL frightens me!

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