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It was only when the figure remained floating above him, that Jeb realised he had tried to switch off an autonomous agent. He pulled his hands away from the mining controls, in the hope his faux pas was not registered by the AI.

"Hello. I'm here to assist you through this emergency."

Jeb, mouth dry, stared at the female avatar.

"What", asked Jeb slowly, "is the emergency?" While the instruments relayed no problems, he had discerned a vibrant hum that was not made by the constant drilling.

"You have disturbed an Elder from their slumber. Prepare yourself for their wrath."

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    Jeff Taylor 5 months ago

    Welcome to the coal face indeed David! Love it, and Whoops!! 😁

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    Neville Hunt 3 months ago

    Oh dear! Trouble seems to be afoot... or rather aloft!

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