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In the park and feeling blue,
Not just feeling, looking really blue.
Seagulls in flocks up above,
And me down here, no-one to love.

I’ve been here now for several days,
Don’t tell me its just a phase.
Folks go by, ignoring me,
Wanting to get home for a cup of tea.

Over there, on the pond,
Ducks and two swans,
Of which I’m fond.

Cold at night, but no-one cares,
I stay here, devoid of wares.
No-one knows where I’ve come from.

Sometimes it rains,
I’ve got no brolly.
I’m just a lost blue supermarket trolley!

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    Neville Hunt 6 months ago

    Love it. Particularly like how you've changed down a gear for verses 3, 4 and 5 to hit the wordcount! That tough taskmaster of a 100 wordcount makes poems that rhyme particularly challenging. 20 minutes more and it'll be 5.30pm, when I can start to get trollied!

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    Richard Hunt 6 months ago

    Said blue trolley is in Cherry Hinton Hall Park, just up the road, and has been for a week now. No-one knows where an unlabelled BLUE trolley came from ... so it stays where it is, with the seagulls, ducks and two swans!

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    Jamie Clapperton 6 months ago

    Enjoyed this one Richard and it's got me thinking about a couple of trolleys in my life including a blue one, sackborrow from work I almost think of as an old friend.

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