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The Heroine #2


When I was six my mum died.

My elder sister Elizabeth died when I was seven.

Father could not cope alone - there were still five of us children so he remarried when I was ten. She was nice and introduced me to a friend who lived in a posh house on the hill in Ely. We became good friends.

There was trouble in the Crimea and America. Ely resurrected the Ely Militia, defunct since 1818.

Every Sunday a pair with a pipe and drum used to march round. Followed by handsome young men.

Followed by we two - and other girls.

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    Neville Hunt 6 months ago

    How brazen! (But I’m sure rather fun!)

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    Richard Hunt 6 months ago

    I guess a heroine will need to be a bit brazen, but this is almost certainly how it happened. I went to a series of talks in Ely about this period and was told how to research further ... The Cambridgeshire Collection in the Shire Hall. But then again she would hardly be brazen would she ... she was our Great Grandmother.

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