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Behind the Iron Curtain #3


A quick glance at the blonde in the white skirt as we turn.

“I’ll show you the conference room.” Barry says.

It’s a big hall; there at the front, on a stage, is the equipment.

I look it over.

“Good, my talk will be in four parts with breaks for questions.”

“Up to your room then. There is a reception for you at the British Embassy at eight. See you in the Dollar Bar around Seven Thirty.”

The room is ENORMOUS. Big double bed.

I settle in ... it’s seven pm.

Down for a snifter in the Dollar Bar ...

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    Neville Hunt 6 months ago

    Seems like you had your priorities right then Richard! 🥃

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    Richard Hunt 6 months ago

    You'll see - consider #4 ... to follow! Remember, all this really happened! Well - so far!

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