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I lie here.
I hear his grunts.
He is near.
I remove my blouse.
I don't have to be told.
He releases a deafening screech from his toothless orifice.
He reeks of gaseous fumes.
His drooling face comes closer.
My body tenses.
I grit my teeth.
He is upon me now.
I still bleed from our first encounter.
My body aches.
I try to relax.
His short breathes come in quick succession.
With his misshapen head and precarious movements, he squirms to my breast. His mouth widens.
I belong to him now.
It's time to feed my newborn baby again.

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    Rodindeadpan over 6 years ago

    Newborn baby...I should have known. You had me scared for a minute. Awesome drabble. Welcome to our world.

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    Brandon Sutton over 6 years ago

    Quite possibly the creepiest story about a typical baby I've ever read. Great drabble!

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    Horrorshow over 6 years ago

    Welcome aboard, Danielle; good to have you here!

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    Michael Cook over 6 years ago

    Lovely drabble Danielle!

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    Jim M over 6 years ago

    It scares me a lot but I really like it

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