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“So we arrive back at her pod, and she invites me in.”

“Alright! Was she emitting the old ‘come hither’ pheromones? Bet she was.”

“Well, both my noses were oozing at the time, so I couldn’t tell. But she did do that rippling thing with the fronds under her beak.”

“Oh yeah - love that.”

“So I enter the pod. She goes off to slime her tentacles. My lucky night! But I'm hungry, and I see some eggs on the table. She won’t miss just one, I figure. So I eat it.”


“Turns out it was one of her kids.”

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    Christopher about 8 years ago

    Ha-ha. Wonderful imagery, Chris.

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    Chris Walker about 8 years ago

    Thanks all. Looks like there's a budding niche market for alien octopoid sex scenes... ;-)

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    Chris Walker about 8 years ago

    Why, thank you! My work here is done.

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