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Lips, tongues, tender hands caressing soft, supple skin.
His last waking moments with Caroline are pieced together in a shimmering web of warmth and light.
She left him, slipped out into the night without a word, gone before he could forget the way her promises tasted.
He went out to visit her today. He went to be with his lover one last time before she was too far gone to love anymore, before affections fade.
He approached her gate, flowers in hand. Every part of his body ached for her.
Lovesick, he walked past the tombstones and began to dig.

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    Brogan Myers over 3 years ago

    A really great example of showing, not telling. Lots of emotion conveyed through action.

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    Camila do Nascimento over 3 years ago

    It was so interesting to read this story after hearing you talk about it in class. I love it and especially how well the title works with it!

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