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It's always hard to decide what to eat when it comes to meal times. Should you pick something quick and easy? Or go the whole hog, and start from scratch? Then there's the other question of what cuisine to have.

Plucking at the pages of my cook book for inspiration, I finally settle between two choices. Brain batter with spaghetti entrails, or battered brain and fingers?

Both are relatively quick I suppose, but the first means sticky fingers, and I hate that. Plus, who doesn't like soft crunchy textures?

Oh frick, I forgot to check the English-man's expiration date!

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    Drew Martyn 12 months ago

    An awesomely quirky take on cannibals, zombies and recipes. Can't wait for the Saturday morning tv show ;)

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    Jamie Clapperton 5 months ago

    Sometimes suspect Delia Smiths' as dark as this. Underneath. :-)

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