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For what felt like the 999th time, Fred sat there, pondering his past. It was great back then. Everything was simple there, it was always fun. Not like the present, which is a living nightmare.

Right there and then he realised. He thought this way yesterday, which is also the past.

What's the difference between yesterday and five years ago? They are both times he can never live again. Suddenly he forced himself, to remember the bad times in the past, going back 5, 10 years.

He put down his lager, stood in front of a mirror, and smiled again.

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    Christopher over 4 years ago

    I think we all tend to romanticize a past that we can't get back. It's like a movie you saw when you were a kid that you thought was so great, then you see it as an adult and you're like, "Why did I think that was so great?"

    Really thought-provoking, Ricky.

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