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Uno #25


The bells rang. Andrew was out of class and half way down the corridor before James had even packed his pencil case. James made his way out, almost gaining a new sense, he felt a buzz, there was definitely a different atmosphere to this day.

Walking out the front door, he heard the chants, they echoed from down the path, just slightly out of view from school.

James sprinted down.

"Fight, fight, fight, fight!" They all shouted.

James tried pushing through the crowd, but older boys were acting as security, making sure nobody "jamp in".

"Ohhhhhh" they commentated, slightly sorrowful.

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    Ricky Moore almost 5 years ago

    Apologies if there are any spelling or punctuation errors in my "uno" series. These are sort of my first drafts, I will be going back and polishing them up once I'm finished the first half, it's basically the rough copy of a book I will be writing. I find doing it in "drabble-form" first helps massively, acting as a jumping off point to begin bigger work.

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    Drew Martyn almost 5 years ago

    Can't say I noticed any, I was too taken up in it - bought back my schooldays big time! :)

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